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Welcome to Panavia - Air Charter Broker.

Panavia UK, the well known Air Charter Broker, provides the very best in customer service and aims to offer very competitive rates for aircraft charter within hours of your initial request.

We have been offering our clients this excellent service for over 17 years.
As an Aircraft Charter Broker, we only use aircraft who are operated 
by reputable airlines.

Being a well known and respected Air Charter Broker, we can find you a suitable aircraft in the anywhere in the world, no matter how large or how small, varying from luxury Executive Jets such as Falcon 50s and Hawker 800s to Commercial Charter Passenger Aircraft and Cargo Aircraft such as B737s, A320s or A300s to name a few.

Using Panavia UK will mean that you can travel to the UK airport of your choice at
the date and time that YOU choose, no need anymore to fit in with Scheduled timings,
no need anymore to queue up with hundreds of other passengers, YOU can depart from a VIP Terminal, enjoying privacy and a relaxed atmosphere.

Panavia, the Air Charter Broker, is proud to be a member of BACA, (The Baltic Air Charter Association). BACA has stringent rules of membership and maintains
high standards of quality and integrity within the Air Charter Industry.
Our Managing Director, Geraldine Malempre, is a previous Chairman of the Baltic Air Charter Association and has been serving on the Council for 17 years.